Classic Fencing

The classic fencing of land from ordinary mesh is still the most sought-after form of security of your property. Its installation is easy and fast. Every handy DIY can handle it alone. No special adjustments are required to assemble it. The only thing you could do and what would benefit the mesh is the concrete foundation of the parts. As we all know, mesh is prone to corrosion due to ingrown grass. And it's the concrete foundation that prevents grass from getting to the mesh and disrupting it. This will protect your fence from ordinary mesh and be protected against these undesirable effects. Its lifespan will be extended by decades.
Simple Foundation
To avoid corrosion of the fencing of your fence, which causes ingrown grass, you need to build a concrete foundation, over which grass will not get to the mesh. The classic foundation of the lining is lengthy and expensive. A much cheaper and faster option for the construction of the lining are the Podhrabky boards, which do not need any foundation. It is produced in different lengths. Working with them is simple. You can choose from several decors.


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