Do not unnecessarily destroy the floor and furniture

Are you worried that your attic apartment is being attacked during the winter by harmful water, is it cold in winter and hot in summer? Our roof windows are guaranteed to help. The wooden and plastic variant looks beautiful, of course, the plastic will not have to be painted regularly, so its maintenance will be easier, but the wood would look more natural. What benefits do you get? The basis is thermal insulation, sound properties, insulating double-glazing resistant to hail, but also resistance to the formation of condensation, which typically drops to the floor during the winter and unnecessarily destroys it.
With us, you definitely do not need to worry about assembly
A classic, paper tutorial and video tutorial will give you the assumption that you will install our product properly, even if you assemble it yourself. Whether you rely on yourself or experts, you will be paid the warranty period for 10 years. This service, together with our experience and quality product, will provide you with the basis for your long-term satisfaction.


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