Elegant wiring features at the level

There are wiring elements in every home, but not every home you will find really high-quality, reliable and durable electrical installation elements that would complete the room. Do you think it's not possible? That these products are not a housing supplement, that they are inconforable and you don't notice them until you need to light up or plug a device into electricity? This was the case before, but today we offer you outlets and switches unica from the world-famous manufacturer of wiring elements, which are characterized not only by high quality, but also by a perfect and absolutely unique very modern design and will become an ornament of every The room to which you place it.
Choose your favorite Shade
Yes, these are the wiring elements from the UNICA product lines that you can find and combine with each other. It is certainly not surprising that the machines are delivered in basic pure white or ivory colour with polished surface treatment against dust deposits and therefore are maintenance-free products, but you will be surprised by a large selection of perfect variously wide cover frames in various Colour shades that you can use to fine-tune every room in your interior. That's why these drawers and switches are so very popular, and despite it they are very affordable. Just take a look at our huge range and choose the ones that best match your home.


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