Mafia and the underage!

Did you want to try as little as it is to be a gangster's skin? Have you dreamed of how you will rule the world, how you will determine the rules, how often do you get a wound, but are you giving away more? Then just for you there is a game of games on the PC! A game in which you become a gangster! Start growing up on the street and slowly and surely underestimate smaller businesses when you own the biggest companies and organizations, you will determine the rules and become the law that everyone has to respect! Become a gangster like Al Capone! Weapons, street fights, corruption and bribery of the police, nightclubs and, of course, friends who will not let you die and which will always turn too much!
Turn ON and play!
No need for a powerful PC or any other game consoles! You'll even have an ordinary smartphone, an Internet connection, and you can build a world you've always dreamed of! Become a gangster who will not have mercy! Become the Master of the world!


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