What To Expect During Teeth Replacement Procedures

In the US, dental patients evaluate several tooth replacement options. According to reports, dental implants are the most popular choice, but dental insurance limits coverage for the procedure. Dental professionals perform a multitude of procedures each year and explain what patients can expect.

Completing Extraction Procedures

The dental professional extracts all damaged teeth during one appointment. Patients have a shorter waiting time for the implants if the dentist removes the teeth together. The average healing time before implantation is about two weeks. Dentists provide antibiotics and pain medication for patients after the procedure.

Why Do Patients Need Bone Grafts?

In some cases, dental professionals use bone grafts for strengthening the jawbone for the implants. After surgeries and cancer treatment, the jawbone isn’t as strong as it was originally. The bone grafts build up the jawbone and ensure that it holds the dental implants in place properly. Several bone grafts offer the best results, and patients don’t have to worry about the implant falling out.

How are the Implants Installed?

First, the dentist installs the titanium root into the jawbone through the tooth socket. Next, the implant crown is connected to the root securely. The dentist evaluates the installation and makes sure that the implant works properly. The implant looks more natural than dentures and offers the same strength as a natural tooth. The installation lasts for many years and won’t fall out.

How Do Patients Maintain the Implants?

Patients use the same dental products they use normally. They use toothpaste and mouthwash with no issues. However, implants that are connected to a plate might restrict the use of some dental products. The dentist explains all after-care instructions to the patient. Any signs of an infection, severe bleeding, or pain require immediate attention from the dental professional.

In the US, dental patients choose dental implants for replacing missing teeth more often than other devices. The implants appear more natural than other devices, such as dentures. Implantation surgery requires sedation, and dentists perform the procedure in their office. The products are long-lasting tooth replacement opportunities. Patients who want to learn more about full mouth dental implants can contact a dental professional and schedule an appointment right now.

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